Chicagoans have great love for their neighborhoods across the city and suburbs. There is plenty to celebrate and we have so many reasons to be proud. But there are serious issues impacting our city and suburbs that are easy to ignore when you’re not faced with them daily.


United Way of Metro Chicago believes that our entire region benefits when our communities are safe. For 85 years United Way has worked with thousands of volunteers, supporters and advocates to build strong neighborhoods by finding solutions, supporting programs and fighting back against poverty, illness, violence and a lack of educational opportunities. Join the fight at


About the Neighborhood Networks

United Way of Metro Chicago identified the need to work differently, both in addressing how we work with community partners and how community organizations work with each other and residents. Through a collective impact framework, United Way is closely collaborating with non-profits, business and community leaders, government, schools, and residents in a local, place-based coordinating role to make real and lasting change in neighborhoods.  We call this our Neighborhood Network Initiative and it supports and coordinates investment and programming in 10 city and suburban communities to address community challenges and improve the lives of residents.  

With added investment, new partners and placed-based strategies and programs, the Neighborhood Network Initiative supports the local leaders and organizations that are integral to the neighborhoods’ future. To learn more visit


This social lab initiative is generously funded by The Chicago Community Trust

The Chicago Community Trust, our region’s community foundation, partners with donors to leverage their philanthropy in ways that transform lives and communities.